What is Gig Buddies?

Gig Buddies Bristol enables people with learning disabilities and/or autistic people to enjoy all the great events going on in Bristol by pairing them up with new friends to attend events with. Volunteers can experience events they will love and make a huge difference to people’s lives at the same time.

Why is Gig Buddies important?

Accessibility at all kinds of art, music, culture and sports events shouldn’t be the goal, it should be the standard. Hopefully we can all agree how important these things are, and we should all be fighting the idea that access to them is a privilege that should only be afforded to some. We want to make events in Bristol more than accessible, we want to make them welcoming!

You can check out some of Gig Buddies Brighton’s success stories here.

No bosses! No masters! No bedtimes!

How does Gig Buddies work?

Each participant is matched to one volunteer. You then aim to meet your buddy once a month to plan what you’ll do together, and once a month to go to an event such as a gig, club night, theatre, or sports match.