Drink Safety

We’re aware, and absolutely horrified by the reports of drink spiking at nightclubs. Our first priority as a venue is your wellbeing.  Please talk to us about any concerns you have.

What to do if you’re worried about yourself or a friend

Alert our bar or security staff.

We will believe you, and we will deal with the situation calmly and professionally.

You will always receive any medical support you need.

We will always make sure that you get home safely.We will always investigate any incidents on CCTV and report them to the police.

If you have any concerns about a drink, or if you have accidentally left it unattended, we will always replace it for you at the bar.

What we’re doing to keep you safe

We work with Safe Gigs for Women and Good Night Out to shape our policies and make the venue as safe as possible.

We have staff on site who have been trained to deal with victims of sexual assault and drink spiking.

We have cup lids and straws available at the bar.

We will always believe you and replace any drink that you are concerned about.


We value any feedback you have about your experience at Exchange, and anything you think we could be doing better.  Please email us at info@exchangebristol.com