Exchange House Rules

This set of house rules was written by Exchange directors & staff, with the intention being to protect customers, peformers, residents staff, freelancers & the venue. Exchange is proud of the community and ethos it has built, and we hope to use these rules to hold all who use our building to the same standard.

Black poster featuring images of swirling vines and purple flowers with small detailed faces on them. 
Text Reads;
Exchange is a Community Benefit Society focused on supporting a wide range of musical projects and creative endeavours.
We are proud to provide a diverse range of events throughout the building, and kindly ask that anyone who enters this building adhere to a simple set of guidelines to help make each night a great experience.

Lead with Empathy
At Exchange we celebrate one anothers different lived experiences and look to promote a scene where open communication is encouraged.
Dont Be A Creep
Exchange has a strict zero tolerance policy when it comes to harrasment of any kind, whether it be based on gender, race, sexuality, class or any other protected characteristic.
Know Your limits
If you start to feel unwell at any point or are concerned about yourself or someone else then please speak to a member of staff ,we will help and support you without judgement.
Respect The Staff, The Artists & The Space
Without our incredible staff & performers we would not be able to provide this amazing space to sing, dance, mosh and have fun. It goes without saying that we expect customers to treat them with respect and patience. Abuse will not be tolerated.

Failure to follow these rules could result in refusal of service, removal from the premises and in extreme cases banning from the venue.
If you have any questions ask the duty manager or email us at 

Have an amazing night, We’re so happy you’re here

Artwork by Sylvie Whitfield @snailtears