New PA & Stage Installation

Just before the lockdown we were lucky enough to be awarded a £39,750 project grant from the Arts Council England ‘Supporting Grassroots Live Music Fund’. Although the pandemic prevented us from carrying out some of the planned activity, the fund (alongside investment from our community share raise) allowed us to install new PA equipment in both rooms, a new stage, and buy new house backline.

Our new L’Acoustics PA has been installed in a way that creates more viewing space in the room.

The A-series L’Acoustics PA for our main room, (supplied by Bristol company King Sound Reinforcement) has been put to good use since we reopened, and very popular.  The PA is put through its paces on a regular basis… from jazz to punk, house to grime… it’s powered it all!  Our new stage has created more space in the main room for the crowd to enjoy it, and our new digital desks (Behringer X32 and Midas M32) have enabled us to test the PA to its full potential.  

It’s been a tough time for music venues, and being able to reopen with so many improvements, and lots of bass (thanks to our new subs, L’Acoustics KS21i ), has given Exchange a much needed boost. Our new stage is also bigger, and as part of our building work we changed the interior of the main room, to create more space for the crowd to enjoy the new sound! Our neighbours need not worry, as internal sound dampening alongside heavy duty soundproofed door installation has ensured that we won’t become a nuisance.

Not only is there more room for the audience, but there is more space on stage for artists as well.

We combined the PA install with a year long programme Fertile Ground which was really important in supporting our project partners, artists and Exchange staff during lockdown.

Come down to the venue and hear it for yourself!

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