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Joe’s Garage is a recording studio located in the basement of Exchange.

We specialise in capturing exciting, vibey live performances with varying (or no) degrees of separation for live ‘band in a room’ sounds or more Hi-Fi results.

The studio is located in a basement with a comfy, down to earth feel. Joe’s Garage has a large main live room, separate amp booth areas and control room. The main live room is big enough to have 5-6 people playing live together.

The studio houses a good selection of equipment including:

Trident 8T-24 console SSL and RME convertors 16 channels of Audient preamps (Able to record up to 28 mic channels live) Roland RE201 and SRE-555 Space Echos Vesta Fire RV2 stereo spring reverb DBX 160 and Klark Teknik comps Macbook Pro i7 running Logic Pro X Many, many plug ins

Wide selection of mics including: 2x AKG 414’s 2x Josephson C42s EV RE20 Shure SM7b 2x Sennheiser MD421s 2x Sennheiser e906s 3x Sennheiser e904s 2x Audio Technica ATM450s Shure Beta91a Realistic PZMs Beyer M88 3x Beyer 201s 3x Shure SM57s Beyer TGX-50 Bang & Olufsen and T-Bone ribbons Sansamp, Orchid, Radial, EMO and BSS DI’s

Guitar/bass amps: 1970’s Fender Twin Reverb ‘silverface’ 1970’s Burman Pro501 combo 1970’s Burman Pre/Power 100w head 1969 Ampeg SVT / Aguilar GS412 1970’s Ampeg V4 + 4×12 1970’s Ampeg B25B + 2×15

There is also an active JBL PA with Spirit FX16 for rehearsals