Go Gentle Shows

Chilled out shows; maximum quality

Go Gentle…relaxed and accessible.

Go Gentle is a series of relaxed shows at Exchange featuring both touring bands and local performers. They will be cosy, with reduced capacity, a variety of furniture, and much more, to make them inclusive to everyone…

Open to everyone and designed for people who will benefit from a more relaxed environment including autistic people, sensory or communication disorders, a Learning Disability, those with age-related impairments and parents/carers with babies or young children.

What changes are made to a Relaxed Performance?

  • We make slight changes to the sound, lowering the volume and reducing any loud effects.
  • We slow down any flashing/strobe lighting effects.
  • The lights will always be on at a low level in the auditorium.
  • The show will have a slightly extended interval (break in the middle of the show), to allow for toilet visits.
  • Most importantly we ask everyone to be tolerant and accepting of the fact that some people may express enjoyment of the show in different ways; the attitude to noise, singing along to the show, and movement is relaxed, we ask anyone in our audience to be supportive of this.
  • There will be lots of space so you can spread out or lie down if you choose.
  • Our staff will be around to help with whatever you need.

As part of Go Gentle we are also installing a range of accessible audio equipment and using live captioning on some performances, so get in touch for more information and we will announce updates soon! For more information on listings, equipment, or bookings, email iwan@exchangebristol.com

Go Gentle Shows

Jan 29 – Ben Marwood https://hdfst.uk/E70447

Feb 12 – Katy J Pearson: https://hdfst.uk/E71037

Feb 26 – Lande Hekt: https://hdfst.uk/E71072